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Smart for Life Weight Loss, Orlando, Florida

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N-Lazer Assisted Lipolysis
We are pleased to announce our office's most recent acquisition of a revolutionary new device that targets fat and inch reduction
This safe, non-invasive treatment is the contemporary answer to traditional liposuction NLAL (Near Laser Assisted Lipolysis can be used without side effects or discomfort
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Our objective is to provide a weight loss system and supporting tools needed to make everyday changes in your life. Smart diet choices, continuing education and compassionate guidance enable our patients to lose weight and empower them to maintain their weight loss and live a healthier life. Call today to get a FREE consultation!

We are now accepting patients for internal medicine appointments

We offer a program based on a comprehensive medical approach to weight loss. Our medical staff has the experience and expertise to diagnosis many underlying conditions which may be preventing you from losing weight.


We find that many of the patients who are frustrated with the average 1200 calorie diets available at other centers are often unaware that they are unable to lose weight due to their metabolism. We specialize in identifying and diagnosing many metabolic problems such as a deficiency of thyroid hormone. Until the metabolism issues are corrected, you will not only continue to lose weight slowly but it will be almost impossible to maintain a healthy weight.
High Blood Pressure, High cholesterol and Diabetes are often the result of excess weight. The one-on-one medical supervision available at our center allows our Practitioner to address these issues in conjunction with your weight loss.

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